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For High Schoolers: After the marketing brochures, the campus tours, and all the “Best Colleges of 2020” books, you might still be left wondering: “What is this college actually like?” 
The College T was created to connect you with real college students and grads so that you can get the real scoop on what a college really is all about.

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“The College T website was extremely helpful during my college search. After my conversation with a Kenyon student, I felt that I knew the school much better and I am much more confident in my decision to apply. Getting perspective from an actual student at the colleges you are looking at is crucial during the college search process.”

Riley Christian

'21 Ponderosa High School, Colorado

“I remember how hard it was make a decision about where I wanted to go to college. I love Kenyon, so it was an obvious choice for me to sign up and help high school students learn more about it. The College T makes that really easy to do.”

Nicky Beaumont

'23 Kenyon College, Ohio

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