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The College T | History

During COVID-19, Aly Beaumont, a Fairfield County private college counselor from Admissions Village¬†and Amanda Duffy, a recent UVM grad (’20), realized that it was going to be harder than ever for high school students to visit schools and learn about them. Aly and Amanda began compiling a list of CT college students and graduates who would be interested in having candid, “off the record” conversations about their schools with high schoolers.

George Copley, co-founder of StyleSite, was one of those students and saw an opportunity to create a unique online platform for high schoolers all over America to use. He and his partner, James Ward, designed The College T platform and teamed up with Aly to grow the business.

Additionally, Niamh Mc Carthy, Wilton High School grad (’20), and Joanna Holland, CT-based PR consultant, joined the team to help build the marketing, PR and recruitment functions for The College T.

The College T has started off with a small team and a few hundred College T ambassadors willing to speak to high school students, but we aim to have representatives for every college in the US and, eventually, abroad!


Who should use The College T?

High School Students

Search the hundreds of ambassadors ready to talk to you about colleges and universities you are interested in.

Colleges & Universities

Recruit your students and alumni to become College T Ambassadors to ensure your school is present on The College T.

College Students & Grads

Sign up to be a College T Ambassador and share insights with high schoolers. Add the role to LinkedIn and your resume.

Private Counselors

Help your clients with their college searches by introducing them to qualified College T Ambassadors.


Enhance your children’s college search by setting up appointments with College T ambassadors on their behalf.


Encourage your students to use The College T to improve their college searches by speaking to our Ambassadors.

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