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What is the goal of The College T?

The College T was created in the wake of COVID, to connect high schoolers with real college students and grads so that they can get the real scoop on what a college is really all about.

How does the messaging between high school students and college students work?

Once a high school student finds an Ambassador they’d like to chat with, they will send the Ambassador a message. From there, the Ambassador will reach out to the high school student via email to continue the conversation. (In-platform messaging coming soon!)

What are The College T’s data policies?

Currently, The College T does not sell any of its user’s personal data or share with third-parties. We will continue to ensure that our user’s information stays protected and private. See our Data Policy for more information. If this is going to change in the future, all users will be updated and our data policy will be adjusted accordingly.

What are The College T’s diversity, equity, and inclusion goals?

At The College T, we believe in advancing diversity and inclusion in higher education. As we continue to grow, The College T strives to recruit Ambassadors representing a diverse group of racial, ethnic, religious and gender identities, in addition to a diversity of academic interests. The colleges represented will include community colleges, trade schools, international schools, and ones that transgress geographic and financial bounds. Notice an identity not represented or have ideas on how we can better support all students? Let us know using the Contact Us page.

I want to sign up as a College T Ambassador to represent my school. What should I include in my profile?

We are so excited you want to sign up to represent your college/university as a College T Ambassador! After creating your profile, you will be asked a series of questions about your background and your college experience. There is an About section where you can freely write about yourself and your alma mater, so consider what would be most useful for a prospective high school student. P.S. don’t forget to include a profile picture!

How many colleges are represented on The College T?

We currently have over 400 Ambassadors representing over 150 colleges and universities, and are continuing to grow every day!

Who should use The College T?

The College T is used by high school students, college students and grads, parents, colleges and universities, private counselers, and high schools. Learn more on our About Page.

What protocols does the College T have in place to ensure the safety of their users?

User safety, both on and off the platform, is one of The College T’s top priorities. Our goals for the site are to have a verification process for high school students and college students/grads, a secondary review process for new accounts, and a reporting system for inappropriate use. In the meantime, we are manually reviewing new profiles as they are created, and our team is on standby to address any concerns submitted through our website.

How can a high school student use The College T?

We know that the college process can be stressful. As a high schooler, after creating your profile, you can search through hundreds of Ambassadors at the colleges you are interested in. Once you find someone that you want to chat with, the platform will prompt you to send the Ambassador a quick message. You can then expect The College T Ambassador to reply back to you via the email address you provided. From there, you can converse back and forth and have all your questions answered!

How can a college student use The College T?

Current college students (and recent grads!) can sign up to be a College T Ambassador. As a College T Ambassador, you will represent your college to give high schoolers real insight on your school and experience. When a high school student wants to chat with you, you will receive an email with some information about them and their email address. From there, it’s up to you to send them an email to get the conversation rolling! Remember, you were in these high schoolers’ shoes not too long ago, so it’s important to be prompt and responsive during this process!

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